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Fire pits range from simple holes in the ground to rings of steel or of rocks set on the ground, to steel kettles or basins, to permanently installed brick- or stone-built structures, to decorative reinforced concrete structures. Generally speaking, fire pits can be used for cooking, for warmth, or for beauty and atmosphere — though rarely is a model suitable for all of these uses. For instance, most will prefer a typical barbecue grill for cooking, but few will want to have a barbecue grill as the decorative centerpiece for their patio parties!

Natural stone paving materials have a unique look, very different from human-made materials. Marble pavers are one of the best material choices for pool paving. One of the essential things is that it stays cool underfoot in hot conditions. When you walk barefoot, as usually is the case in a pool area, they will not be hot on your feet. Let us design your patterns or get involved with us in the process. Shapes and patterns are almost endless.

Our pool paving offers modern-day, light colors that produce an excellent surface area to stroll on with bare feet. It can be made use of in conjunction with numerous styles and also sorts of pool copings yet are most prominent around contemporary, rectangle-shaped swimming pools. Beneficiated concrete coatings provide beautiful colors, as well as textures, originated from natural rock.